2006_03_sdailynewscover.jpgWhen things are this bad, sometimes you just have to laugh. So, today take a moment and laugh at the cover of the Daily News. Laugh at the fact that Jim Dolan claims that the Knicks rebuilding job is in year 1 of a 3-4 year process, while his GM has had the job for two years already. Ok, maybe this isn’t going to be so easy to laugh at.

Dolan talked about needing patience and pointed to the recent success of the Rangers as validation of the wait and see approach. Maybe he didn’t notice, but Glen Sather took over the Rangers in June of 2000 and started collecting overpriced stars while increasing the payroll by about 50% before being forced by a lockout to stop his reckless spending and cut his payroll in half. Since the NBA just signed a new six-year CBA, that solution won’t come to save the Knicks.

On the court, the Knicks actually put in a decent effort last night before falling 101-99 in Memphis. The loss gave New York the worst record in the NBA. At 15-42 fans would normally not care that deeply about losses since they increase your chances of getting a great draft pick. Of course, the Knicks don’t have the rights to their pick, so Chicago is currently the favorite to make the first selection in this year’s draft, courtesy of the Knicks.