2006_07_davidwright.jpgOkay, David Wright is only relatively new, but we do think that the Post's cover story from a few days ago about Wright becoming the city's most popular baseball figure had something to it. The Post decided David Wright was "Mr. Wright" based on this summer's jersey and t-shirt sales, but maybe it's time for Derek Jeter to hand over the pretty boy reins to Wright - DJ is 32 and Wright is a baby at 23! And aren't we tired of Derek Jeter's revolving door of girlfriends? Jeter's supposed current girlfriend is out gallivanting with Nick Lachey or getting protected by Perez Hilton, which means just one thing: Who will David Wright be seen at 230 Fifth Avenue with? And does this David Wright bobblehead seem accurate?

Are you all about DJ or have you jumped on the Wright bandwagon? David Wright was voted to start at third base on the National League's All Star team - and he's supposed to be on Late Show with David Letterman next week. He has a blog, Wright Now, though we're not sure if he actually writes the posts, and there is a Wrighoholics blog, too. He also has a foundation. And of all things, Wikipedia says that Wright lives on the Lower East Side. LES residents - is this true?