2005_09storre_giambi.jpgTwo Yankees who have received their share of criticism may have kept their team in the AL East race, at least for now. Jason Giambi hit a solo home run and Randy Johnson threw 7 one-hit innings during the Yanks' 1-0 win over Boston Sunday. By taking two of three, the Yankees trail Boston by three games. The teams close their season against each other in Boston.

With so many questions surrounding each team, it's a wonder they're still battlng it out for first place. Part of this is the hoopla surrounding both teams; the fans create an atmosphere where the media must emphasize each team's slight flaw. But part of this is also cauesd by the lack of talent on these two teams as compared to the squads of 2003 and 2004. No team in baseball this year is as good as the 2003 Yankees or the 2004 Red Sox were. If the Yankees lose out on the division but win the Wild Card, they shouldn't lose too much sleep. With no dominant team out there, any playoff club will have as good a chance as the next. Of course, the Yankees still don't want to lose to the Red Sox.