REUTERS/Justin Ide

The Jets fell back to the ranks of mere mortals with a 13-7 loss at the hands of the New England Patriots yesterday in Foxboro, Mass. Blame it on either turnovers and mistakes in the red zone or the fact that the defending Super Bowl champion Pats (6-0) have proven to be immortal (at least over their past 21 games, all of which they have won).

A 5-1 start for New York is as well as even the most optimistic Jets fans would have predicted. Even so, everyone will be paying attention to Gang Green's matchup with Miami next Monday night to see how the team will react to this type of loss. That's really the most important question at this point for this team.

"In the Jets' locker room, the atmosphere resembled that of a team that had just lost a playoff game. As they dressed, many were staring into space, knowing they had played well but not well enough, knowing that they had come close to winning, but not winning."

Also interesting in the wake of the loss, a rare example of non-Chad love in the mainstream press.

Photo by REUTERS/Justin Ide