RIP NHL; Photo: AP

It's not like it matters at this point, but if you care, the National Hockey League cancelled their 2004-05 season yesterday after five months of locking out their players. Gothamist can only think of a few losers, none of which are a team owner or a member of the player's union. Fans, employees for the teams, vendors, small businesses, those are the people that lose from this. To us, things like a disagreement over $6.5 million in salary a season don't make sense.

Hockey didn't have a lot of capital to spend in the first place and it is now the first professional sports league in North American to lose a season to labor woes. For Ranger fans, this might actually be a good thing since they seem to have the lowest wins to dollars spent ratio in the league recently. A cancelled season is actually a relief.

NHL Commissioner Gary Betteman says there will be hockey next season, but who cares? If there is hockey next season, the fans should punish both sides by sitting out the whole year, just like the owners and players did this year.

Photo by AP via Newsday