Are you tired of looking like you're Mexican? Worried that Arizona law enforcement officials will bang down your door and demand to see your papers? Hispanic ad agency Zubi is here to help you fight the Man (or hide from the Man) with "Gringo Masks." Just print one out, cut out the eyes, and Voila, you're practically invisible to cops. According to Babelfish, the site exclaims, "The objective of this action is to protect, to support and to dignificar to our Hispanic community, with the firm idea to go out and to give the face to law SB 1070 of Arizona. Proud from where we come, than we are and we do by this country, we go out we erase all stereotypes." Yup, no more stereotypes here—except for the stereotype that all "real" Americans are blond.

In related news, the Phoenix Suns will don "Los Suns" jerseys for tonight's game "to honor [the] Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation." Great sentiment, but shouldn't it be Los Soles? [Via Animal]