Euro Cup Finals; Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

Sunday, scores of Americans were celebrating Independence Day, but Greeks we all watching the European Championships finals. Greece was a 100-1 long-shot to win the tournament, but pulled off a miracle. They defeated heavily favored, and host country, Portugal, 1-0. Greece was at 100-1 for good reason. Entering the tournament, they had never won a game in major competitions.

The Greek goal came after 56 minutes, after a corner kick. Angelos Basinas kicked it towards the goal and Angelos Charisteas headed the ball in. Portugal was unable to score the equalizer and the Greeks stunned the soccer world. Gothamist wonders how they will do during the Olympics. Will they fail under the pressure of the home crowds now that they have some expectations, or will they thrive because of new confidence.

After the game, the Greek community in Astoria was awash with celebration. Crowds spilled onto the streets watching the games and after the game, revelers flooded sections of 30th Avenue in celebration. The Portuguese crowd in Newark wasn't quite the same.