My office has asked everyone to contribute a small gift to a "holiday grab bag" for the office party. While I'm not against the idea of a little holiday cheer, we're limited to spending $10 and it seems like all you can get for that amount is disposable, impractical junk. I hate the idea of buying junk just for the sake of buying junk, so how can I stretch my $10 into something, I don't know, a little more practical?

Donna G, Astoria

Having been at the short end of the gift stick at our share of office parties, Ask Gothamist sympathizes. It's not that we begrudge our officemates their intentions, but scented Santa candles and Nativity scene snow globes are not exactly at the top of our wish list, no matter how festive.

If you can't buy a new CD for fourteen bucks without violating the company grab bag price limit, why not buy a gift certificate to a music store for ten? Ten dollars at a local bookstore would work, too. And if your officemates frequent a neighborhood sandwich shop, see if you can't arrange to pay for someone's lunch.

Our favorite gift of Holiday office parties past? A ten-dollar MetroCard. Practical, thoughtful and a heck of a lot easier to swipe through a turnstile than a scented candle.

Let's open the floor. What inexpensive gifts would you like to see in your holiday grab bag?