2005_02_ask_karaoke.jpgI just moved to New York a few months ago. In the town I came from, there were some great karaoke bars. They weren't the kind of places where you have to rent a private room; they didn't only have karaoke one night a week or once a month; they were just friendly, laid-back bars where people would chat and drink beer, and anyone could sign up to sing. They had a wide selection of songs to choose from. Maybe I just don't know where to look, but I can't seem to find any similar places in New York. I see plenty of once-a-week places (which usually means a crappy sound system where you can't hear yourself sing and a tiny song selection) and Japanese restaurants that have karaoke, but it's just not the same. Can Gothamist offer any advice?
- A karaoke fiend

We turned to our friend Mike about this, since he is a KJ (that's a karaoke DJ) about town. Mike suggested checking out Murphguide.com for a thorough listing of the major karaoke nights in all five boroughs.

He also adds: "I would give the one or two-nights a week type places a try; the quality can really vary because it depends on the karaoke dj's, who are usually hired independently of the bar. Some KJs are really professional and some are amateurish. He'll definitely find some place that suits his tastes if he tries, and then become a regular! If you want a specific name, Iggy's on 2nd Ave and 75th St. is a really fun place and they have karaoke most nights of the week."

We'd also add that Hope & Anchor in Brooklyn has really fun and laid-back karaoke (hosted by a drag queen!) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But we must warn you - it can be a real trek depending on where you're coming from, typically involving a subway + bus (or cab) ride to get to Red Hook - but since you're a self-described karaoke fiend maybe you'll try it.