With the New Jersey Nets and Detroit Pistons face-off in second round the NBA playoffs being one of the most exciting match-ups (well, before game 1, at least), Gothamist and Whatevs have decided to have a friendly wager. If the Nets win, Whatevs will send over some Vernors Ginger Beer, some music from Detroit (Motown, MC5; no ICP, please), and a t-shirt. If the 'Stons win, Gothamist will send over from salt water taffy from Atlantic City, music from one of the Garden State's great musicians (the Boss, Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi), and a Gothamist t-shirt. May the best team win, obvs.

Gothamist does have to say that Ben Wallace should always play with a 'fro, if only because this is the best ever trash-n-trinket NBA toy. Stupid Nets, can't even have a freaking toy in their NBA store.

Game 2 is this Friday.