If you can believe it, the Giants are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Giants fans must be rejoicing that their team is in the N.F.C., where being a game under .500 can still keep your postseason hopes alive. At this point however the Giants need to start winning some games to keep that hope alive. They have lost their last four and five of their last six.

This Sunday’s road game against a struggling Redskins (3-8) team could be a good place to start. We are having one of our psychic moments and see Eli Manning throwing for a few touchdowns and having a nice game despite the pressure he will certainly see from Washington’s blitz-happy defense. Call us over optimistic, or even drunk, but we see Eli tearing it up this weekend.

The most intriguing news this week came out of the mouth of Jeremy Shockey, who said to his teammates, "If you don't believe we're still in it then walk out the door and I'll pay your salary." Nice work Jeremy, Gothamist appreciates your moxy and would really love it if you'd pay our nonexistent salary if we "walked out the door". Consider us on our way.

Photo by the AP