To our readers:

We’re excited to unveil a redesigned look for Gothamist today, right on the eve of its 20th anniversary.

Among the first things you’ll notice are more stories on the page, a new logo, and streamlined navigation. We hope you find these new features visually engaging and inviting. These changes are not strictly aesthetic, however. They mark an important moment for local journalism in New York City, and for the newsroom here at Gothamist and WNYC.

You’ve no doubt heard about the crisis in local journalism. Perhaps you’ve assumed it’s a problem elsewhere, in small markets in states far away. But the struggle to save local news is a very real battle happening in every community in our country, including the bustling metropolis of New York City. Even here, newsrooms have laid off reporters and shifted their focus to global audiences to expand their bottom lines. The result: fewer journalists to gather the news on behalf of those of us who live here.

That’s why WNYC stepped up to acquire Gothamist when it was abruptly shuttered in 2017, and it’s why we are continuing to invest in it now, to ensure its sustainability and vitality for years to come.

Since Gothamist joined the WNYC family, the need for the trusted, in-depth reporting that we provide has only grown. We’re emerging from a yearslong pandemic to a city transformed, facing a possible national recession and a probable local economic crisis. We’re confronting housing shortages, empty storefronts, school budget crunches, and the subway… well, if you live here, you know.

Yet it’s also a time for optimism. Our children are back to in-school learning, we’re reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and New York City’s renowned arts and culture scene – a draw for so many who move here or just visit for a few days – is cautiously re-emerging. After years of isolation and separation, we’re once again enjoying the ability to be together.

While our city and region were experiencing considerable change, we were busy making intentional, internal changes, too. Over the last few years, we have been working to integrate the formidable WNYC and Gothamist teams that had been working side by side under one roof (or, more recently, on the same Zoom calls).

We combined our strengths to forge a robust news operation that’s now on track to become our region’s largest local news-gathering force. We added new beats to more deeply cover issues like housing, jobs, public safety, the environment, and the arts. We expanded our service early in the morning, at night, and over the weekend. And we’ve invested in building a team of editors and reporters that better reflects the city we serve.

We’ve also expanded your options for getting the news, wherever and whenever you want it. Our journalism is available on more platforms than ever before: here on Gothamist; on WNYC FM & AM and on their digital streams; at our daily podcasts such as “Consider This,” “The Brian Lehrer Show,” and “All of It”; and in an increasing number of newsletters.

Which brings me back to the revamped Gothamist website.

What you see today is just the beginning and heralds more improvements to come. Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see:

  • A curated desktop and mobile-responsive homepage packaged so you can delve deeply into the issues you care about, like skyrocketing rents, the local economy, safety, community health, and weekly roundups spotlighting the best community and cultural events.
  • More data-driven maps and stories, how-to guides that help you navigate your community, and original photography.
  • Easier access to our daily newsletters, so you can keep up with the day’s critical news as it happens.
  • Access to the WNYC live audio stream, featuring local news from our reporters, national and international news from NPR and the BBC, and our stellar news and conversation shows.
  • A new commenting platform designed to keep the conversation going after you’ve read the story.

Our journalism isn’t a one-way conversation. One of our new desks is devoted entirely to building community partnerships and authentic relationships with New Yorkers across every borough and in the surrounding region. We want to hear from you – about what’s important to you, what you need from us, about how we can help weave our communities together at a time when so much tears us apart. Gothamist and WNYC aspire to be more than just a news site, and we believe local news isn’t just about our institutions or leaders; it’s about us – the people living, working, and voting in this region.

Whether you’re a first-time reader or have been with Gothamist since it began 20 years ago, thank you for reading and joining us on this next exciting chapter. And please drop us a note to say what you think of the new digs.