Radio City Music Hall; Photo: Radio City Entertainment

With the Republican convention relocating to Radio City Music Hall for six games in July and September. While the convention is from August 30 to September 2, the convention needs a month for security and set-up. The Liberty will be the first pro sports team to play there and it will be only the second sporting event to happen at Radio City. In 2000, a boxing match between Roy Jones Jr. and David Telesco was at the venue.

Details are still being worked out, but the court they play on will be the same as the court in The Garden. Carol Blazejowski, the VP and GM of the Liberty said, "The one thing we do have defined is the court. The actual court we play on at the Garden will be transported to Radio City and fits on the Great Stage." She also said that there would be seating for the season-ticket holders, but the rest of the fan base is unaccounted for. Madison Square Garden holds 19,763 and Radio City only accommodates 5,945 people while the Liberty averaged 12,491 fans per game last year. Gothamist wonders about the lost revenue and if the GOP make an agreement to pay the Liberty? Luckily, they are going to have conventional food from sporting events like hot dogs and beer, and not just chi chi food and drink.