Kerry Collins; Photo: Newsday/David L. Pokress

After five seasons with the Giants, it seems like Kerry Collins will no longer be a Giant. Collins joined the Giants in 1999 after a stint in alcohol rehab, but turned the Giants and himself around, making the Super Bowl in 2000. He started 67 straight games until he was injured in December of 2003.

Collins's career with the Giants was all but over the moment the Giants made a draft-day trade for Eli Manning. The Giants traded the rights to Philip Rivers and several draft picks, including a first round pick in 2005, for the rights to Manning. The Giants had hoped that Collins would restructure his contract and remain with the Giants as either a starter or back-up next year, but Collins was unwilling to renegotiate.

It's unfortunate that the Giants and Collins are departing like this, but like Kerry said, "It's a lousy business and a great game." Gothamist will miss your boozing hard-nosed ways and hope you'll find a place to play next year. Meanwhile, we see Manning getting hit a whole lot next year, the Giants finishing poorly, and a high draft pick for the Chargers.