Playoff basketball in the NYC area came and went just that fast. The Nets are done for the season after a 110-97 loss to Miami on Sunday afternoon. Dwayne Wade continued to torch the Nets with explosive play; amazingly, Wade averaged 26 points, 9 assists, and 6 rebounds per game for the series in just his second NBA season. Add those stats to those of 3-time champion Shaq, and the Nets were doomed.

Wade was quite the playmaker on Sunday. He made a pass off of Vince Carter's back to himself for a layup at one point, and later hit a 3-pointer as the game ended and talked a little trash to Nets shareholder Jay-Z. Who knew that Shaq (who is nursing several minor injuries) would play such a small role in the round?

Now the Nets go fishing for the summer, and hope for some frontcourt finds in the free agent market after letting Kenyon Martin decamp to the Nuggets last summer. Adding insult to injury, Alonzo Mourning commented in the post-game interviews that he felt that Jason Kidd was lied to by Nets' management in 2003, and that had Kidd known the actual intentions of the franchise, he would've signed with the Spurs instead in a 'no-brainer'. Ouch.

In other NBA news, Phoenix also sweeps the Grizzlies, Detroit and Seattle go up 3-1 on Sunday, and three big games are on tonight's calendar.

Heavily Photoshopped image via SpursReport.com