Games End; Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters

...with a stop in Torino. The Games of Athens came to a close last night after two weeks. The next Summer Games will take place in Beijing, China and the Winter Games will take place in Torino, Italy in 2006. With the final medal counts for Athens, it looks like China is a threat to win the most gold medals in 2008, and with the home court advantages, possibly a threat to win the most overall medals too. After all the talks of Athens being poorly prepared, it seems like the games went off without a hitch. There were no people harmed, but one could argue that few even turned out to the events.

While Gothamist set out to write about every sport once, we ultimately did not accomplish that. What can we say? We're human. There were several disappointments in our mind, the obvious being the performance of USA Basketball. Dream Team? We think not. And where is USA Baseball? Great stories to us include the performance of two Americans in the men's and women's marathons. Winning two medals on the original course. We also loved the performance of the US Rowing teams. The men took gold, while the women won silver, ending droughts for both teams.

What the end of the Games really means is that Gothamist can finally get some sleep. Precious, precious sleep.