Where's the best place for a guy to get a haircut in the city?

Adam J., Hell's Kitchen

Not to sound too much like the Starr report, but it depends on what your defintion of the word "best" is. And it also depends on what kind of guy you are. If you are looking for a cheap hair cut and a New York tradition, Astor Place Hairstylists fits the bill. Even if you factor in round trip subway fare and a tip, you'll walk out spending less than 20 bucks. Men's trims start at 12 dollars and the multi-level establishment offers other services such as shampooing and dye jobs for the NYU and downtown clientele. Their window, festooned with pictures of celebrity clients, has been a Village fixture since the days before you could find three Starbucks within two blocks of the Gap at Astor Place and Broadway.


Gothamist knows people who swear by John Allan's and Bumble and Bumble but cuts there cost a tad more than 20 bucks and could cause budget-conscious New Yorkers to make sure their hair is quite shaggy before making an apointment.

With all of the new franchises opening up in the city these days, you might try Supercuts' online haircut reminder. True geeks might think the future of cutting one's hair online has finally arrived, but don't get too excited just yet. The service sends you an email to let you know when you're due for a trim. If you're spending so much time in front of a computer monitor that you don't look in a mirror enough to know when it's time for a haircut, Gothamist thinks you might have other grooming problems of a higher priority.