No, they didn't get a new stadium deal. No, they didn't win. But...next week, the Jets don't have a game. That means they won't have a chance to lose a game or have a chance to get injured. With their luck though, Brooks Bollinger will drop a can of Chunky Soup on his foot. Last night's ugly 27-14 loss to the Falcons, dropping the Jets to 2-6, featured four (!!) turnovers by Vinny Testaverde before he was knocked out of the game by the Falcons defense. With all of Testaverde's turnovers, the Jets were unable to capitalize on Michael Vick's three interceptions.

The turnover parade was not the worst part of the game for the Jets as they continued to add players to the injured list. Testaverde left the game after catching his toe in the turf, linebacker Eric Barton tore his triceps and is out for the season, and wide receiver Laveranues Coles is having his elbow checked out. Good thing the Jets have the two weeks off, because Gothamist isn't sure if we want to watch them play next week anyway.

Here's to looking forward to the 2006 Draft.

Photo by AP via Newsday