2006_12_glavine.jpgTom Glavine signed a $10.5 million one-year deal with the Mets, making it likely he will retire as a Met. Glavine had been debating whether to stay with the Mets or go back to Atlanta, where his family lives, and pitch for the Braves.

But Atlanta never made him an offer, allowing Glavine to try for the ten more wins he needs to reach 300 career victories with the Mets.

""I like the city. I like the fans. I love the organization, and like I say, they've treated me with the utmost respect, and that pull to come back to New York was a very strong pull...

...I can't tell you how good it makes me feel that [the Mets] gave me the respect they gave me and the time they gave. I don't care what you do in life, there's a value to feeling you're appreciated and wanted somewhere. The Mets certainly made me feel that way and treated me that way. I'm not saying the Braves didn't have an interest in me. They said they did. But, in the end, nothing ever materialized....

...I’m not going to sit here and say if the Braves had come to me with an offer that was close to where we are, then that wouldn’t have made my decision tough. Of course it would. There are certainly advantages to my being here with my family. You weigh your options, see where we’re at, and at the end of the day, you want to go where you feel like you’re wanted, and I know I’m wanted in New York."

Glavine also said his 7 year old son, upon hearing that they would return to New York, "just about jumped out of his seat."

Had Glavine not re-signed, the Mets would have had to find another starter for the start of the season, given the injuries on the pitching side. Mets' General Manager Omar Minaya said, "With Tommy on board, I think we'll still look at ways to improve the starting rotation, but it's fair to say that if we had to start the year with Tommy Glavine, Orlando Hernandez and the guys that we have, I think we're a pretty good team starting the year." In other words, they may not go after Barry Zito.

Here are Glavine's career stats; he had 15 wins this past season (tied for team high), and he's 48-48 has a Met. And in other baseball news, the Yankees are raising prices for box seats near the field by over 30% - now they'll be $150, versus $110. The cost of upper deck and bleacher seats will remain unchanged.