The injuries and the bad luck for the Mets keep piling up. Tom Glavine was involved in an accident on his way to Shea Stadium. Glavine was on his way to Shea after spending his day off in Atlanta, but was somehow injured in the 3.18 mile trip to Shea from LaGuardia Airport. The cab he was in hit an SUV and just like that, Glavine was missing a couple of teeth and needing stitches in his lower lip. He joins Mike Piazza (fluid in knee), Kazuo Matsui (back), and Cliff Floyd (achilles) on the list of Mets that are injured, but not on the DL.

Looks like it's just that kind of season for the Mets. Jose Reyes gets injured in spring training, Matsui comes in and stinks it up at short, the Mets make trades at the deadline only to fall several games back, and now Glavine gets injured while not even playing. Glavine lost his two upper front teeth and received stitches to his lower lip. He is scheduled to miss his start on Wednesday due to the injury.

The Mets fell behind early in yesterday's 7-3 (box score) win against the Astros, trailing 3-1 by the bottom of the 4th. The Mets were led by Reyes and David Wright, who both had two hits and two RBI. One of Wright's hits was a home run. Their performances yesterday are a glimmer of hope for the Mets fans, giving them something to look forward to next year. Of course, that means that Matsui would have to move to 2nd base, but the way he's playing, he has no right to play shortstop.

Before the game, the Mets paid tribute to Bob Murphy, who passed away last week, with a tribute video and a moment of silence.