2006_01_sknicksbench.jpgIt is hard to imagine how things can get worse than this. Off the court, the Knicks have a sex scandal and revelations of their GM’s love child. On the court, they have completely given up. Facing a terrible Atlanta team, New York turned the ball over 23 times and lost 120-101.

Coach Larry Brown called his team out after the game responding to a question about whether or not his squad had quit with, "It looked that way, didn't it? Didn't it look that way to you? It looked that way to me." As anyone who watched the game knows, there is no doubting that assessment, the question is, what are the Knicks going to do about it? With the highest payroll in the league and only two tradeable contracts, it seems like this will be the pattern for sometime to come.

Tonight may be the last night to waste watching New York as Kobe Bryant comes to town. Bryant torched the Raptors for 81 points a week ago and with the way the Knicks play defense, something very special could happen. Wilt scored his 100 points against New York, maybe history will repeat itself.

Photo by AP/John Bazemore via ESPN