2005_10_askthanks.jpgMy parents are starting to make plans to visit for Thanksgiving. Being that there's no way I'm cooking a turkey in my miniature oven, can you recommend some good restaurants for Turkey Day?

Ask Gothamist can relate, as there's no way we could fit a turkey in our tiny oven, let along rely on it for an accurate temperature or seat four people in our apartment for a real sit-down meal. So when the Ask Gothamist in-laws paid a Thanksgiving visit a few years back, we took them to a local restaurant - Banania, in Brooklyn - where we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with all the traditional trimmings. We would suggest giving it a try if you live near, or are willing to travel to, the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill area. But since we don't know what neighborhood you live in or what your location requirements are, here's a handy guide to restaurants in NYC serving Thanksgiving dinners at About.com, featuring restaurants all over the city with dinners ranging from about $29 to $95 per person. Mmm, we can almost taste the turkey now.

Do any Ask Gothamist readers have more recommendations for a Thanksgiving restaurant feast for all the New Yorkers with tiny kitchens?

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