2007_05_giuliani6.jpgAs rival Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney continues to gain ground, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is still leading in national surveys. However, Giuliani has been facing criticism over his abortion stance, which has most recently been refined as something like I believe that women should have a choice, though I'm morally against abortion.

And with that, he's trying to convince the conservative voters out there that he's a good choice. He gave this opinion at Houston Baptist university, where one poli sci major said, "Overall, I thought it was a great speech. I think it was a good political stance to take. He's sitting right in the middle," but then admitted he wouldn't vote for Giuliani because he's anti-abortion. Of course, given that Giuliani donated to Planned Parenthood in the 1990s, the conservatives are having a field day with him.

Pope Benedict has said that any candidate who is pro-choice should be excommunicated from the church. That gave the Daily News reason to survey a few Roman Catholic priests to see if they'd give Giuliani Communion - and they said they wouldn't!

The Daily News also spoke to two seniors: One said, "I love Giuliani, but that's what's holding me back on him. I don't like to see all those little babies die," while the another said, "I don't support abortion but I'd vote for Giuliani tomorrow morning - twice or three times, if I could."

And Giuliani also told Houston Baptist that he's okay with gay civil unions, but not gay marriage.

Photograph of Giuliani at a campaign stop in Alabama by Butch Dill/AP