2007_4_ask_tent.jpgI just got my tickets for Glastonbury Festival and I'm really excited. But I need a tent and a backpack. I don't really want to buy either because of the cost and the issue of storing them when I'm not really sure I'll ever use them again. (Unless for Glastonbury next year) Is there anywhere in New York that will rent you tents and backpacks?

Tent & Trails offers equipment rentals for things such as tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. As far as backpacks, they offer two styles, a Jansport D-3 and a Kelty Continental Divide. They charge a flat rate for the first three nigts, and additional for each day over that. You can also rent a pack for a weekly rate. All backpack rentals require a $165 deposit.
They also have 2,4 and 6 person tents available for rental - as well as foam pads and sleeping bags. Tents can be rented for 3 days or weekly, and require a deposit.

If you can get yourself to the Marlton, NJ REI, you can pick up rental backpacks and tents there as well.

Other than that, it looks like you might have to borrow from a friend or purchase one. You can always try selling it when you're done on Craigslist or Ebay, where you also might be able to find one used.