Any good suggestions with what I should do with my folks this weekend? They come into town enough where normal touristy/guest things have long been done. My mom will go anywhere, eat anywhere, etc. The issue is my dad. See, he's kind of weird. Like, his favorite bands are Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, and Sigur Ros, and he is always telling me about obscure indie-ish bands that I should listen to. Tries to only buy music on vinyl. Thinks Radiohead are so 1999 (or something). I guess this is all actually pretty normal, but is a little weird when your dad is's a little like living with a snooty college radio music director. Sometimes we go record shopping, but I always take him to the same ones (Academy, Other), so I feel like he's kind of "been there, done that". Do you have any suggestions on "cool" things to do with my dad this weekend? Yes, it's true: I want to impress my dad. It's just being a freshman working at the college radio station all over again. 
- Marina

2004_08_ask_indierock.jpgAsk Gothamist suspects that you may be putting us on. However, AG’s dad loved hip-hop rivalries and was often up on the lastest clubs in Manhattan, so you never know. And we're sure plenty of other New Yorkers have out-of-town guests who want to hit the indie scene. We’ve known plenty of indier-than-though types in our time, and if they don’t think you’re indie enough than nothing you ever do can convince them that you know your limited-edittion vinyl imports from CD singles of boy bands in the cutout bins. Sure, you could take your dad out to Williamsburg again or head over to the Delancey with him, but we suspect that since he comes into town frequently he might be “over it” already. Surely your dad has read the New York Times articles that suggest Williamsburg’s hipster heyday is waning and that Bushwick is the new “it” spot.

Ask Gothamist surveyed some die-hard indie scenesters for their opinion on the matter. “Take your dad to see a band he’s never heard of by going to see a band that’s having its very first show,” suggested one. “If he doesn’t like it, tell him he doesn’t get it and that he must be getting old.” Another one suggested, “Take your dad to see the Philharmonic, or take him to see the Brancusi exhibit at the Guggenheim. Tell him to stop being a corny indie nerd.”

But seriously, you could always check out NYhappenings for some events going on this weekend that your dad might like. Whatever you decide to do, we suggest you read this guide to being an indie rock expert before hitting the town with dear ol’ dad.