Fran Tarkenton, the Last Giants Quarterback to Win in Lambeau

The Giants haven�t won at Lambeau Field since 1971 when Fran Tarkenton, pictured above, was quarterback and Alex Webster was coaching on the sidelines. So they�ve got that going for them, which is nice.

Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre is banged up with a bruise �the size of a softball� on his leg, but he�ll be making his record 212th straight start at quarterback. Favre will be doing his best to stop the Packers� two game losing streak and don�t count on him taking any dives like he did in 2001 to give Michael Strahan the N.F.L. single-season sack record.

The Giants are coming off wins over a sloppy Redskins team and a terrible Browns team. Kurt Warner looked good in both games and has got to be excited aboout facing a Packer secondary that got torched by Peyton Manning and the Colts on Monday night. The Giants offensive line has gotten better and will need to keep improving against a blitz-happy Packer defense. New York's defense has forced 10 turnovers already this season and Favre is definitely capable of throwing a couple of picks.

Although we at Gothamist would never gamble on pro football, we have noticed that the Packers are favored by seven and, although no one�s asking us, that seems like a lot of points. Just looking out for the degenerate gamblers out there.