2006_09_sgiantsseahawks.gifFor the first time in years, the Giants have more questions on defense than on offense. The main one being, can this defense stop anybody? Lost amid the joy of last Sunday’s comeback was the fact that the Eagles’ offense moved the ball at will against New York for three quarters. New York is almost dead last in every big defensive category and their much-hyped pass rush has only gotten two sacks this season.

But, New York’s defense may have caught a break in the timing of this game. Seattle’s explosive running back, Shaun Alexander, is listed as questionable. The Seahawks are also without their best tight end, Jeremy Stevens and the newly acquired Deion Branch may still be learning the offense.

New York should be able to move the ball against Seattle and Gothamist is betting that the defense plays well enough to keep them in the game. The problem will be that Jay Feely still looks shaky on field goals and this is not his favorite place to kick. New York keeps it close, but falls 27-24.