Dallas running back Eddie George and Giants safety Gibril Wilson get into a shoving match/AP Photo

The Giants may not be winning pretty and they're certainly not getting all the headlines, but they're winning all the same and in the N.F.L. wins are what count. After yesterday's 26-10 victory over the Cowboys in Dallas Stadium, the Giants have already matched last season's win total and will go into their bye week with a 4-1 record and a 4-game winning streak.

That's not bad for a team that everybody (including us at Gothamist) predicted would pretty much suck this season. We've got to give a lot of the looked tremendous, rushing for 122 yards and a touchdown as well as catching 5 passes for 76 yards. His 58-yard run down the sideline in the third quarter set up a 1-yard touchdown from Kurt Warner to Jeremy Shockey that gave the Giants the lead for good. Barber still leads the N.F.C. in rushing and if he continues at this pace there will be M.V.P. murmurs before long.

The defense played well, coming up with fourth down stops on their own 7-yard line in the first half and then on the Dallas 43 in the second half when Cowboy coach Bill Parcells began to get desperate. Also kicker Steve Christie, who went 0-3 on field goals in Green Bay, was a perfect 4-4 yesterday.

Enjoy the week off gents. We at Gothamist will use the week off to spend some more of the money that we've been raking in from our "Jimmy the Greek" like football prognostications. That's 2-0 on the season if any one other than us is counting. Observe and respect.