2006_10_sgiantsredskins.gifThe Giants have had two weeks to stew over their humiliating loss to Seattle and plenty of time to hear and read about how bad they are. Two weeks to try and come up with a way to stop someone on defense and find their missing pass rush. Yes, this team should be motivated to play well. And two players on defense, Antonio Pierce and LaVar Arrington, both former Redskins, will definitely want to show their old team that they can play.

Offensively, the Giants need to get Plaxico Burress back on track and Jeremy Shockey to shut up. Washington’s defense has been susceptible to the big play, so expect Eli Manning to take some shots down the field. Perhaps they try and get Sinorce Moss involved.

This team hasn’t shown much this year, but they have enough talent to win this game. Gothamist thinks it ends 31-17 Giants.