2005_09_sgiantslogo.jpgWhat we don’t know is exactly who will be under center for the Giants on Sunday. Will it be Eli or Jared? At first glance, this would seem to hold the key to picking the game, if Lorenzen is in the easy assumption is that the Giants won’t have a chance. But, the bigger question may actually be will Osi Umenyiora play? Both Manning and Umenyiora were practicing today, but their status is still unknown.

Yes, the offense is a big unknown if Lorenzen is playing over Manning and the picture is further muddled by the fact that Brandon Jacobs is definitely out. But, as the defense showed last week, it needs all the pass rush it can get and that is where Umenyiora comes into play. When he went out in the first half, the Giants stopped being able to pressure the quarterback. And that is going to be the key to this game.

If Lorenzen is in, the Giants will simplify their pass packages and try and use Ruben Droughns and Derrick Ward to control the ball. The Packers do not have a formidable defense and the guess here is that the Giants are successful playing ball control. It’s on defense that the questions really pop up. Brett Farve isn’t what he once was, but he still can make throws when needed. If he has time against the secondary, he will pick the Giants apart. If Umenyiora is playing, Gothamist thinks the Giants squeak out a victory even with Lorenzen under center. If not, Gothamist thinks that even Eli won’t save them from an 0-2 start.