2006_11_sgiantstexans.gifTom Coughlin may not want to hear about it, but this is a classic “trap” game. With the big, bad Bears coming to Giants Stadium next Sunday night, all the ingredients are in place for New York to look past this weeks tilt with the 2-5 Texans. Luckily for the Giants, they should be able to do that and get away with it.

Yes, Houston has beaten Jacksonville this year, but they are 0-3 on the road and lost a brutal game to the Titans last week. David Carr was benched in the loss and while he is starting this week, he certainly will not have a lot of leeway. Houston will have to figure out how to protect Carr against the Giants’ pass rush in this one, because their running game is awful. Ron “I used to be thunder” Dayne will start this week for the Texans which says it all.

Look for the Giants to pound the ball on the ground and take some shots deep in the right spots. As long as they don’t self-destruct with turnovers, this one should be a cakewalk.