Michael Strahan sacking Jeff Garcia/Barton Silverman, New York Times

Don't look now, but the Giants won again. They had a 95-yard touchdown drive on offense. At the end of the game they took a knee to run out the clock. We can't even remember the last time the Giants took a knee.

Before we at Gothamist percolate all over ourselves about yesterday's 27-10 victory over Cleveland, we ought to note that the Browns are banged up and aren't exactly terrifying opponents in the A.F.C. Still, in a game the Giants had to have, the defense still looked good and the offense finally showed some signs of life.

Again the Giants benefited from turnovers, the biggest of which came when Michael Strahan recovered a Jeff Garcia fumble at the Giants 5-yard line early in the third quarter. The Giants were only up by 10-0 at that point and the Browns had been running the ball down their throats. But after getting the ball back, the Giants went on a 95-yard drive that gave them a 17-0 lead and basically put the game out of reach. Strahan had two sacks on the day and continues to be a leader on defense in his 12th season.

Warner, who was 19-27 for 286 yards, was firing darts all day and Tiki Barber rushed for 106 yards and a score as well as catching a couple of balls out of the backfield. Warner also made nice with Amani Toomer, who had been whining about his role last week, as he found Toomer 5 times for 126 yards.

Cornerback Will Peterson summed up the day pretty well when he said, "Well it ain't all good, but it's pretty good."

The Giants travel to Green Bay next week and then Dallas before taking a week off.