2007_10_giantsfalcons.jpgAfter six games, the Giants are a playoff team. Considering how they started the season, that is amazing, but a 4-2 record doesn’t guarantee them much at all except the fact that they won’t lose 13 games this season.

But, how they got to 4-2 from 0-2 gives you hope that this team has staying power. Coach Spagnuolo’s defensive schemes seem to have taken hold and since halftime of the Washington game, the Giants have become a defensive force.

Monday night the defense and the offense showed up at the same time in a 31-10 win in Atlanta. Eli Manning had his finest game since the first week of the season, throwing for over 300 yards and completing almost 70% of his passes. Brandon Jacobs and Ruben Droughns both had over 80 yards rushing and the Giants controlled the clock for almost 40 minutes. Except for three turnovers, it was a nearly perfect night.

And, with San Francsisco and Miami up next on the schedule, a 6-2 start to the season is a real possibility. But, for now, we should be happy that the Giants have recovered from a miserable start and look like they will play meaningful games all season.

Photo of Eli Manning passing by AP/John Amis