Honestly, the Giants seem to get worse every week. After yesterday’s 37-14 defeat at the hands of Baltimore, the Giants have now lost six games in a row and the post season is but a pipe dream. The Giants do not have a first round pick next season (as a result of the Eli Manning trade) so it’s hard to figure what the Giant fan has to look forward to.

Yesterday was a debacle from the start, when Giants kick returner Derrick Ward fumbled the opening kick off and the Ravens recovered. The Giants turned the ball over like it was what they were trying to do and the defense was torched by Baltimore quarterback Kyle Boller, who threw a career high four touchdown passes. Eli Manning again looked overwhelmed. If you thought last week’s performance by Manning was bad, listen to this: Manning completed 4 of 18 passes for 27 yards with 2 interceptions. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a quarterback rating of 0.0 and that is as bad as it gets. Manning also gave up a fumble, but that was merely the cherry on top of a very nasty tasting sundae.

Although Giants coach Tom Coughlin benched Manning with around six minutes left in the game, he made a point of saying that Manning will remain the starter. Things won’t get any easier for Manning next week as the Giants will host the Steelers on Saturday afternoon. Good luck Eli.