The Giants ended the draft with some solid picks, but some surprising news. The team is moving defensive end Mathias “finish your tackle” Kiwanuka to outside linebacker. It’s an interesting decision, because despite one highly publicized mistake, Kiwanuka had a great year at DE. But, the Giants need linebackers and they only drafted one, so necessity forces their hand.

While teams try to fill big needs on day 1, they spend day 2 filling out the roster and looking for gems. The Giants picked up Steve DeOssie’s son, Zak should be a nice fit as a backup linebacker and long-snapper. Kevin Boss should be a good backup to Shockey and Adam Koets will probably fill in better than Bob Whitfield. Michael Johnson will have to show he is healthy enough to compete and Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for over 1,500 yards last year at Marshall.

The Jets had only two picks on day 2 and used them to shore up their offense. Jacob Bender is a left tackle who will probably learn the right spot as well and backup both. Chansi Stuckey is another guy who needs to show up healthy in camp.

As for the draft as a whole Troy Smith was the story on day 2 as he dropped to the end of the fifth round. Smith was originally considered a first round pick until his awful game against Florida, so it will be interesting to see if the Ravens have a great value on their hands.

Photo of Giants fans (LT has returned) at day 1 of the NFL Draft by AP/Jason DeCrow