Now that the weather is about to turn cooler, I really want to learn how to knit. I have visions of myself in handmade scarves and ponchos, but I have no idea where to start. Can you help me find some knitting resources in NYC?

Ask Gothamist loves knitting! We’re usually working on and planning several knitting projects at any given time. Luckily for you, New York City is teeming with knitting resources. We think the best way to learn to knit is from an experienced knitter. If you have a friend or relative who knits, ask them if they'll teach you. If not, you can try taking knitting classes. The Yarn Company, Knit New York, Sew Fast Sew Easy and Downtown Yarns all offer beginners’ classes.
Classes tend to range in price from $70 - $175, depending on the number of classes and whether or not materials are included.

2004_09_askknit.jpgAnother great way to learn or improve your knitting skills is to go to a “Stitch N’ Bitch” - an informal gathering of knitters. There are numerous S n’ B groups throughout NYC - On Mondays, there’s one at Pete’s Candy Store in Wiliamsburg; Tuesdays there’s one at Space Untitled in SoHo, to name a few.

You’ll probably want to get yourself some knitting books to refer to as well. Some of Ask Gothamist’s favorites for beginners are Knitting Pretty, Stitch N’ Bitch, and the Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits.

A word of advice for beginning knitters: Yarn ranges in price from very cheap (acryclic) to extremely expensive (cashmere, silk, angora). If you’re just starting, you could easily end up spending $60 on yarn for a sweater you’ll never wear (trust us). For bargain yarns, check out Smiley’s or P&S fabrics. School Products has a good range of mid-price items, and any yarn store in the city (Downtown Yarns, Gotta Knit, The Yarn Company, Knitting Hands, etc) can provide you with expensive, luxurious yarns.

There are also a million knitting websites and blogs online. We often turn to the Knitter’s Review Forums when we’re stumped and need advice. Now go cast on!