2005_09_askapple.jpgManhattan User's Guide is a constant source of interesting tidbids. Take for instance some miscellaneous facts they dug up about our fair city:

Number of Waterfront Miles in NYC: 578

Number of Deaths from AIDS in 2004: 1,384, an 80% decrease since the peak in 1994.

Number of Movies and TV Shows Shot in NYC Last Year: Over 250 studio and independent films, over 100 television productions, and over 1,050 commercials.

Top NYC Baby Names: Girls: #1) Emily #2) Ashley #3) Kayla; Boys: #1) Michael #2) Daniel #3) Matthew

Top NYC Dog Names: #1) Max #2) Lucky #3) Princess

Number of Benches in Central Park: Over 9,000

We love facts! Here are a few more MUG's list inspired us to dig up:

Population: 8,008,278 ('00 census); Metro density: 2320.1 inh./sq.mi. (source)

Jewish Population 10.9 percent (source)

Samoans: 299 (source)

Size: New York City was 360 square miles in 1898 — it is now 321.8 square miles, Miles of streets 6,400+ (source)

World's Largest Stuff: Gothic Cathedral (St. John the Divine), Store (Macy's) (source)

Subway Ridership: 123 million rides in October 2005 (source)

Number of Reported Rapes in 2005: 1697 (source)

JFK Passengers in 2004: 37,517,496 (source)

Biggest Park in NYC: Pelham Bay Park, Bronx 2,765 acres (source)

Tallest building: Empire State Building 1250ft (source)

Average Price of Manhattan Apartment: $1,187,000 (source)

If you need more, check out the NYC Trivia quiz at NYC.gov. Do you have any favorite NYC facts?