2006_08_ask_drinking.jpgWhat exactly ARE the "public drinking" laws? Bagged 40's seem to be fairly regular all over the city...do the cops just don't like it when you take an actual cocktail glass out for a jaunt?

We had a hard time finding anywhere where it said what the specific open container and public drinking laws were, so we called our local precinct and got the scoop. Ultimately, open containers of alcohol in public places is illegal. Drinking in public is considered an administrative violation and if you are caught you will get a summons. This is with the exception of certain situations such as restaurants where it's within a determined distance of the building, etc. We have also found Coney Island does not seem to adhere to these open container laws. We are assuming that they have special permits for beverages on their property. As far as brown bagging your alcoholic beverage, the law used to be that if it was concealed it was ok, but that is not the case any more.

Does anyone have more information on this? We were not able to find anywhere online where the law is written.