Ever wonder what it's like to spend the day enjoying the hospitality of the NYPD? A couple of musicians got arrested this week for hanging posters and moblogged the whole thing:

While putting up flyers for the International Chiptune Resistance show at The Tank this coming Saturday, Nullsleep and Bit Shifter were approached by two plainclothes police officers, arrested, handcuffed, informed that "a cleaner New York is a safer New York," and taken to the NYPD 9th Precinct police station for processing and a nice stay in the NYPD's luxurious high-security accommodations. Stripped of belts and shoelaces (to prevent suicide by hanging), the police missed Bit Shifter's camera/web-phone, allowing exploitation of some irresistible photo-op moments, as well as a unique opportunity to set Bit Shifter's AIM away message to "I'm in jail."

Many more amusing pictures at Bitshifter. And check out the ICR's show tonight at the Tank-- 208 W37th Street at 7pm-- lots of beepy, clicking fun!