Houston celebrates the Supreme Court decision to strike down sodomy laws; Photo - Reuters

Sometimes (or rarely) when a court decision comes down, and yes, I feel like a dork for saying this, I can actually feel my muscles relax, and I can release some tension. It's that moment when you just know the Supreme Court made the right step, and that with one decision it has erased years of illegitmacy and institutionalized stupidity. It didn't happen in Bush v Gore, but it did happen today in Laurence v Texas, when six Justices decided to force the State out of the bedroom of not only gay and lesbian consenting adults (and yes, they actually used the word 'gay,' and not only 'homosexual' in the opinion), but of heterosexual ones as well. So, as someone who dabbles in man-on-man action, I was relieved and elated.

But I was also relieved as an American concerned about our right to make important life decisions without state intrusion, regardless of sexuality. The Court's decision to strike sodomy laws and overturn the horrible Bowers decision is bigger than mere sanctioning of homo sex. The Court recognized that every American has a right to privacy and autonomy, and that moral concern was not compelling enough of a state interest to criminalize behavior that even a legislature (hence, the people) may find repugnant. For people who believe in the Constitution's power, this is huge.

As New Yorkers, many may find this all too silly. In Gotham we have found a balance between claustrophobia and public displays of anything. We have embraced all kinds of folks while respecting that each person has a protected zone of autonomy and decisionmaking. Or rather, most New Yorkers could give a fuck what the person next to him does in bed or thinks about God and Country. I have no doubts that this very New York quality made the City a haven for the homos who were (and still largely are) ostracized everywhere they went.

I'm glad the law is finally catching up with such a New York attitude.