2006_03_sdailynewscover.jpg“This is a great day for the New York Knicks and our fans. Larry Brown is not just one of the best coaches in the NBA today, but in its history. He has made every team he has ever coached a winner, with a legendary approach to teaching and motivating his players. His value to us as a franchise at this time is immeasurable.”

Those were the words of Isiah Thomas less than eleven months ago as he introduced Larry Brown as the coach of the Knicks. Today, the Knicks fired Brown and named Isiah as coach, but don’t worry fans, Isiah will remain the GM as well.

It is impossible to defend the job Brown did as coach of the Knicks. He humiliated his players in the press and didn’t set a consistent rotation during the season. However, getting rid of him and leaving Thomas in his job is ridiculous. Isiah has driven this franchise into the ground and while naming him coach is economical, it doesn’t give the Knicks the fresh start they need.

So, Brown gets $50 million for one year of work, Thomas is now President, GM and Head Coach of the Knicks and James Dolan is as oblivious as ever. If Isiah wins 30 games as coach next season he will probably get a lifetime contract. How long until the Nets move to Brooklyn?

Update: The Daily News is reporting that the Knicks will attempt to get out of paying Brown the remainder of his contract by asking David Stern to arbitrate the matter.