2005_09srivera.jpgWith their 2-1 win at Baltimore and Boston's 7-2 loss at home to Toronto, the Yankees are back alone in first place with just four to play. Wednesday's hero was Shawn Chacon, a midseason pickup off Colorado's scrap heap who has, for the most part, proven to be an asset in the rotation. With the win, the Yankees will start the three-game set in Boston no worse than tied with their rivals. Even given that advantage, the AL East still looks like a toss up from this point.

For one, Boston gets the three-game set at home, where they play better than any team in baseball. For another, the Yankees have Aaron Small pitching the last game in Baltimore, and he has struggled in his last several starts (his relief appearance not-withstanding). The two teams could be tied (with a Yankee loss and Boston win Friday) heading into the three-game set, which would then swing the edge Boston's way. No matter what happens, the playoffs, which start Tuesday, will ostensibly be extended to start three days early. Gothamist has some advice for Yankee fans. Keep your fingers crossed.