With the sale of its Faberge eggs just a week or two ago, the Post looks at the Forbes family's non-auction revenue options: They have been licensing their name to things like a "wine label, jewelry, upscale designer furniture, executive spa retreats and various publishing products." It's the Forbes Collection. But "golf clubs or key chains" would not be in the making, as that would be tacky. Not tacky is licensing design elements of their estates for people to have mini-Forbes mansions. Some nice pieces are some Faberge design inspired jewelry sold at the Met. Thinking about further brand extensions, Gothamist has these ideas:
- Spas with whirlpools of money, tartan towels, and eggs served in Faberege eggs!
- Uncomfortable Scottish furniture, perfect to sit on on drafty nights
- Forbes Haggis and Wine
- Forbes Celebrity Friends - pay 'em, and they'll show up at your party; Malcolm Forbes example, Elizabeth Taylor
- Forbes Failed Presidential Runs - Sink millions in, get on SNL, go back to your regular job!