Any suggestions for a good place in Brooklyn (preferable) or Manhattan to watch the last match of the European soccer championships on the 4th of July?


According to the good folks who post in the Gothamist Forum, your options may be limited to Manhattan or Queens. Apparently, bars wishing to show the Euro soccer championships must purchase a special package for broadcast rights. Forum posters recommend checking the lastest issue of Time Out for bars (or just look in the forum). You can also go to the broadcaster's website and plug in your zip code for pubs showing the matches closest to you. Alas, no locations turned up in Brooklyn.

2004_07_ask_soccer.jpgNever one to give up, Ask Gothamist checked in with a few sports bars in Brooklyn about the possibility of showing European soccer matches. Don't the signs in Brooklyn say "Name It, We Got It?" 200 Fifth (on Fifth Ave. in Brooklyn) claims to show "televised international soccer tournaments" but were unsure about the status of showing the European finals at the time we called (give them a call at 718-638-2925 to find out more). Or head over to the Lighthouse Tavern(also on Fifth Ave. in Brooklyn), who say that they are showing all the matches shown on Fox Sports World.