2008_06_salberm.jpgInvestigators looking for the cause in Sunday's fatal Queens fire now suspect that the ex-girlfriend of the most recent victim may have started the fire. It is believed Agnes Bermudez doused William Salazar with an accelerant, possibly carpet cleaner. Salazar died from his injuries yesterday.

Video showed Salazar and Bermudez both on fire. Bermudez, a 48-year-old former stock trader, had recently broken up with Salazar and, according to family members, the split was an amicable one. But investigators now believe two had an argument immediately before the blaze started Sunday morning.

The fire blocked the Middle Village building's hallway and forced people to leap from windows to escape the smoke and flames. In addition to Salazar, three other people died from the fire: Flor Sandoval, a well-liked make-up artist on movies such as "Maria Full of Grace," her husband Heriberto Garcia-Vera and their 20-year-old son Felipe Garcia-Sandoval. Three other residents were injured.