I'm a teacher, which means I have a prolonged and much deserved vacation ahead of me. I want to travel on a limited budget. I've heard about the Chinatown buses and their cheap fares to Boston and Washington, DC. Is this a safe way to travel?
Abbigail, Bay Ridge


Considering bus fares are only $10 each way, the Chinatown buses can be a great way to travel (between New York, Boston, DC, and Philly). We've heard that sometimes the buses are noisy and crowded, and the drivers tend to speed, but considering the trip costs less than lunch in midtown, it seems worth it. We'd recommend buying tickets in advance, though, or else you may not get a seat. Most of the bus lines, like Fung Wah, sell tickets from their websites.

newyorkmetro.com also has a list of cheap bus lines for trips around the Northeast. Bus fares are going down across the board lately, despite the rising gas prices, so taking the bus is probably cheaper than driving.