2006_03scarterjefferson.jpgOver the course of an NBA season, squads come out flat and never recover against a more motivated opponent. The Nets have usually saved these (non) efforts for road games, but not Monday. Sacramento whipped the Nets 109-84 in New Jersey Monday, just the third loss for the Nets in their last 18 home games. With the Kings playing for so much more than the Nets, their increased motivation isn't surprising. But the Nets have rarely tanked home games like this so far this season.

The most troubling news for the Nets is their recent play. They've lost four of five and now must take their show on the road until they return home March 15. As good as the Nets have been at home, they have struggled on the road. Gothamist would like to see an improved performance from the Nets against the Bulls in Chicago Tuesday night. After the way they've played recently, they shouldn't need motivation to avoid repeating the effortless performance put forth in Monday's loss.