Butler Library

Sometimes, your friends really do know best.

This was the case at Gothamist's five year college reunion this past week. We were split between wanting to go and wanting to stay in, watch Trading Spaces, and avoid tramping around the Morningside Heights campus in the rain. (Jake called Jen a wimp, Jen readily accepted that.) But soon school spirit (and Jake's repeated braying) convinced Jen to go, which in turn ensured that Jake's fiancee/Jen's best friend/1998 alum, Karen, would go also. The turnout for classes of 1993 and 1998 was pretty weak, as was the music playing in the Roone Arledge Auditorium at Lerner Hall (Jen, "Bah...they could at least be playing crap music from 1998, but they're playing crap music from 2002!") After drinking an impressive amount in one hour and a look at the sickly fillet of sole that was supposed to be dinner, Gothamist left for an actual meal downtown. Jake did insist that everyone walk over to the steps and admire campus. Jen and Karen groused about the pouring rain but did admit that the reflection from the rain was striking.

As we suspected, five year plans are best left to Stalin and Dignan.

JenKaren and Jake
(Gothamist's smiles are the result of copious drinking.)