Controversy or not, the final bid for New York City's bid for the 2012 Olympics is in. The 600 page proposal covers every detail of the City's bid and is due to the International Olympic Committee on Monday. The bid, which has events all over NYC, including Fresh Kills landfill as a mountain bike site, is not without controversy. It hinges on the new West Side stadium for the Jets which would serve as the Olympic Stadium. A recent Quinnipiac University poll, however, found that 64% of New Yorkers support the bid, with 30% opposed.

The most brilliant thing about yesterday's photo op, besides the Brooklyn Bridge of course, is that it was staged on Veteran's Day, a school holiday. That's how you get throngs of kids to wave little NYC 2012 flags. And how does Bob Beamon run with torch-like the bid in his hand? Doesn't it get all crumply with the running and stuff?

Photo by the Associated Press