It's like a smackdown between Jen and Jake - if Jake had any interest in professional basketball. There's a fight over the New Jersey Nets (Gothamist knows - of all things!) between New Jersey and Brooklyn. Rich NJ senator Jon Corzine is teaming up with developer Charles Kushner and other NJ politicos (Governor McGreevey, former Senator Torricelli) to keep the Nets in NJ, countering NY developer Bruce Ratner's plan to bring the Eastern Conference champions to downtown Brooklyn. (There is a third interested party, Charles Wang, former chairman of Computer Associates who also owns the Islanders, but it's more exciting to say "NJ vs. Brooklyn" than "Long Island vs. Brooklyn.") The "Brooklyn" Nets would factor into a greater Brooklyn redevelopment plan. Gothamist is most amused by Nets foward Richard Jefferson who tells the Post, "I just work there. I got traded once, so I'm just a piece of meat."

Gothamist thinks the Nets have to stay in New Jersey, to maintain their underdog appeal ("God, what's a team doing in NJ?"), but also believes that teaming with McGreevey and Torricelli is bad idea jeans; they are two of the worst politcal leaders NJ has ever seen, this side of Florio.